Is Modern Bodybuilding Dying?

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You need only look so far as the recent covers of ‘Muscle and Fitness’ and ‘Flex’ magazines to realize that bodybuilding magazines are looking backwards instead of forwards, and that’s not a bad thing. Are they trying to promote interest in 1970s bodybuilding or do they realize that many bodybuilders, and people in general, prefer the pre-insulin, pre-GH, and pre-synthol look?

Today’s bodybuilding physiques are as interesting as implants or prosthetic muscle suits. They approximate real muscle but the look isn’t nearly as interesting. On top of that, the harm these current drugs do to the body narrows the field of those wishing to compete in the first place. The current crop of bodybuilders are not the best in the world. They are the best in the world of those who are willing to inject or swallow a boatload of crap into their systems regardless of long or short term effects.

Why are the current major bodybuilder movie and tv stars, aka Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno, the same  major bodybuilder movie and tv stars who have been around since the 1970s?  Perhaps Dennis Wolf’s movie audition in Generation Iron speaks to this or, in addition to the absence of charisma, maybe the current physiques aren’t what people want to see.

It happened in female bodybuilding and it can happen with male bodybuilding as well. Quantity over quality. Once a rarity, bodybuilders are competing at over 250 pounds, but where is that extra weight going? Mostly to the waist and thighs. Calves, on average, seem to be getting smaller. It’s not a good look. A bodybuilding writer, now editor in chief of one of the top bodybuilding magazines, once overheard a child innocently ask, “Who are all the fat guys?” as he observed pro bodybuilding competitors congregating pre-contest in their baggy bodybuilding clothes in front of a building where the contest took place. With the distended bellies, puffy, non-structured faces, and circus clown thighs, bodybuilders can have a fat appearance even at sub-5% body fat levels.

Why are the fitness-model-type contests for males on the rise just like they are, and have been, for the women? Maybe the current pro bodybuilder look is an unattainable look(without a miserable list of drugs) that not many want to attain in the first place.

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