Movie List, Winter 2016

movie list 2016

Jurassic Gorilla

jurassic gorilla Icon

Night World, 1933 ★★★★

Lew Ayres, Mae Clarke, and Boris Karloff in Night World, 1933

Dames, 1934 ★★★★★

busby berkeley dames
Busby Berkeley, Dames 1934

Parole Girl, 1933 ★★★★

parole girl
Parole Girl, 1933

Tony Rome, 1967 ★★★★

tony rome
Tony Rome, Frank Sinatra 1967

Shock Corridor, 1963 ★★★

shock corridor
Shock Corridor, 1963, Directed by Samuel Fuller

Lady in Cement, 1963 ★★★★

lady in cement
Lady in Cement, 1967, Directed by Gordon Douglas


Movie List, Fall 2015

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