Arnold Schwarzenegger at his heaviest?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger at a heavy body weight.

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Today you can find photos of current bodybuilders under 6 feet tall who bulk up to over 300 pounds in the off season and yet here is Arnold Schwarzenegger, over 6 feet tall and probably weighing 250. It seems that modern bodybuilders carry more weight in their thighs, rear ends, and waist and less in their calves than bodybuilders of Arnold’s era. Furthermore, there is something happening drug-wise that is affecting current bodybuilder’s faces. If you look at bodybuilders going back to and before Steve Reeves, they all had chiseled faces. Now, you see competitors who sport what appear to be bloated, fat faces …on contest day!
And then you wonder if the current gene pool of bodybuilders are just lacking in facial bone structure by some coincidence until you see their before pictures and realize that they actually used to have structure to their face. There are pro bodybuilders today that looked better before they competed. Apparently, what ever drugs are responsible are building up muscle in the face to the degree that it is not supported by their bone structure and ends up looking fat. Seriously, your face matters in bodybuilding whether you accept it or not, and Arnold would never have had a movie career if his face didn’t look chiseled, as it does in his movies. Look at Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford… they all had lean structured faces. In the photo above Arnold is just holding some extra fat, with today’s bodybuilders it’s either unsupported muscle, edema, fat, or some other factor, but it’s a step backwards. The current era should be better than 40 years ago, not worse in many ways.

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By the way, that room in the above photo is Joe Gold’s office area at the original Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. It’s one of the rare shots looking into the office. The showers would have been above the office. Below is a wider shot for better context. The photos on the wall are of Sergio Oliva and Boyer Coe. The photo inside the office is harder to determine though it could be Schwarzenegger on a mountain. The Dan Lurie photo to the right in the post’s banner, as well as the Bob Hoffman photo on the left, are artistic license.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Below: Personal Trainer Max Outt talks Updated Sandow Trophy reflecting lesser quality bodybuilders with higher bodyweights.

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