Number of 100-year-olds to skyrocket…

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Man’s World Issue 1

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Centenarian Bodybuilder
Centenarian Bodybuilder

Jurassic Gorilla

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According to a report released Thursday by the Washington D.C.-based think tank Pew Research Center, the number of centenarians will grow from about 451,000 in 2015 to about 3,676,000 in 2050. In 2015 there were just 7.4 centenarians per every 10,000 adults ages 65 and up, in 2050 there will be 23.6.

Age Graph
Centenarian Graph

10 countries with the highest life expectancy

1. Monaco, 89.52
2. Japan, 84.74
3. Singapore, 84.68
4. Macau, 84.51
5. San Marino, 83.24
6. Iceland, 82.97
7. Hong Kong, 82.86
8. Andorra, 82.72
9. Switzerland, 82.50
10. Guernsey, 82.47

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