Russian Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Anton Bogdanovich
Anton Bogdanovich

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Is Anton Bogdanovich the Russian Arnold Schwarzenegger? Does anyone care? He certainly has a facial resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger, although Schwarzenegger had more pronounced cheekbones which made him more suitable for the big screen. There are physical similarities as well, although Schwarzenegger may have taken a tad more “supplements” than Anton. He even has that diagonal split in the biceps. If you don’t know what a diagonal biceps split is, click here.

Every bodybuilder has to be taken in context. The “Russian Oak” may not be on steroids as the narrator of the video suggests. In that case, he may have tremendous potential depending on how well he responds to steroids. In any case, a lot of factors went in to making Arnold be Arnold and bearing a resemblance to Schwarzenegger doesn’t mean a whole lot unless being hired out at events as a look-alike is meaningful to you.

Anton Bogdanovich
Anton Bogdanovich
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