Gunnar Rosbo vs Ramon Dino: Forearms

Gunnar Rosbo vs Ramon Dino

When analyzing Gunnar Rosbo’s forearm development versus Ramon Dino’s, it’s hard not to take their respective frame sizes into account. Dino’s height is given as 5’11”, and Rosbo’s was 6’2″. But Rosbo looks like a giant frame-wise. Consider his head size compared to Joe Gold and Joe Weider; he’s just a bigger type of human.

While Dino’s frame, including wrist bone size, is not as substantial as Rosbo’s, there exists a notable resemblance in terms of forearm muscle structure. Both individuals exhibit elongated muscle bellies in their forearms. Furthermore, they have achieved significant muscle development near the wrist area. This additional muscle mass in a region that typically lacks substantial musculature creates the illusion of larger wrist bones.

Although Dino’s frame is smaller, he appears to carry more muscle on his forearms relative to his frame. In a double bicep shot, Dino’s forearms appear significantly more substantial than Rosbo’s in proportion to the rest of his body. In this shot, Dino’s brachioradialis and extensors look absolutely massive, but then look at the mass of Rosbo’s forearms in this shot and consider the supplements that Rosbo did not have access to in the early 1980s.

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