Take Pride In Your Home Gym.

Golds homeless

As corporate gyms are locked down, closing down, and becoming homeless camps, who can argue that home gyms aren’t more important than ever?

Save on gas, time, and membership fees. Apply your would-be membership fees to your own equipment and, at the very least, get your own gym T-Shirt. https://jurassicgorilla.com/product-category/clothing/t-shirts/bodybuilding/personalized-gym/ Even if you only do pushups in your bedroom, that’s your gym to you.

If you can’t afford all the equipment you want, your friends and/or neighbors who lift can share what equipment you each buy so you can do leg presses at their place and they can do cross-over pulley at yours, or whatever equipment they lack. Or maybe someone has a complete garage gym in your neighborhood and, if they let you lift, you can pitch in a few dollars every now and then to offset their expenses.

You’re not going to be able to rely on many institutions you’ve relied on in the past and the more self-sufficient you and/or your community become, the better.

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