Arnold Schwarzenegger 1972 Mr.Olympia Essen, Germany(and the Vacuum Pose)

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Bodybuilders in the past used to practice the “stomach vacuums” in order to have more control over the midsection muscles. It also helps create a majestic double biceps pose as Arnold is demonstrating. Whether it’s stomach distension because of overeating, visceral fat that lies behind the abdominal wall, bad posture, or old age causing weakening of the ligaments and connective tissue, there are a whole host of reason why it may be in your best interest to control your abdominal wall.

Let’s cut to the bottom line. Here’s how you do a stomach vacuum. Stand straight up, completely exhale all the air out of your lungs, expand your chest, bring your stomach in as much as you can and maintain that stomach tuck as if you are trying to pull your stomach back to your spine. You can also do the exercise seated, kneeing or lying down. In other words, in your car, while praying, or falling asleep. Do it whenever you think about it. Through your shirt people can’t tell that you’re doing it.

Arnold demonstrates technique below and Frank Zane has the last word.

arnold schwarzenegger 1972
Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 1972 Mr. Olympia in Essen, Germany.
arnold schwarzenegger vacuum
Arnold Schwarzenegger Seated Vacuum
frank zane vacuum
Frank Zane Vacuum
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