Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Taking Over Video Games?

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First it was bodybuilding, then movies, then politics, now Schwarzenegger is conquering video games. In order to make a video game character, special effects artists first have to make the character digital. They sculpt the character in 3D computer programs like Zbrush and Mudbox(or 3D scan the actor), add skin textures in similar programs, and then animate and render in software like Maya or 3D Studio Max.

One of the early CG(computer generated) versions of Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Terminator Salvation, (2009). The main problem with this, other than the fact that CGI(computer generated imagery) characters are far from looking 100% real, is that the artists did not make the Terminator’s body look like Arnold. Arnold doesn’t have that sternal gap between the pectoral muscles. Bodybuilders like Schwarzenegger can be identified by the body part. That’s like putting a different nose on Arnold’s face. I’m surprised Arnold would allow a lesser version of himself to make it into the movie. Scroll down to see video.

Digital character’s taking away jobs from bodybuilders is a whole other issue. Currently, bodybuilding magazines are looking backwards and putting younger photos of older bodybuilders on their covers instead of current bodybuilders. See this article for an expose: Now, a 1980s computer generated version of Arnold is the main pro bodybuilder getting work in the movies, except for Lou Ferrigno who is gaining traction:    Lou is also a threat to Arnold in the youthfulness department: For more insight, look no further than this expose on digital characters stealing jobs from today’s professional bodybuilders:

Forward fast to the computer generated Arnold Terminator in 2015’s Terminator Genisys. The computer artists are getting better with the body. It looks more like Schwarzenegger’s physique. CGI Arnold is getting a lot more time on the screen and looks more real but, as noted, CGI characters still have a way to go. Scroll down to see video.

In 2015 there were two video game projects Schwarzenegger was involved with, Mobile Strike and WWE Superstars WWE 2K16 video game. See this link to watch the WWE Superstars WWE 2K16 2015 remake of Schwarzenegger’s bar scene in Terminator 2:   Scroll below for the trailer to Mobile Strike.

Are younger versions of older and deceased actors going to be taking movie and video game roles away from younger current actors? Yes. Look forward to actors like Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, etc… to be starring in movies well into the 21st century. Once you’re digital, you live forever. Digitize yourself today!

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