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Sergio Oliva Loris Pose
Sergio Oliva Loris Pose

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Sonya the loris instinctively throws up a Sergio Oliva “Myth” pose while receiving a fascia stretching massage by a qualified physical therapist.

In the captivating video, we witness a charming and unexpected moment as Sonya the loris, a small and endearing primate, takes center stage. The scene unfolds during a session with a qualified physical therapist, who is delicately performing a fascia stretching massage on this tiny but captivating creature.

What makes this video truly remarkable is Sonya’s spontaneous and instinctive gesture. As she undergoes the skilled hands of the therapist, her actions reveal an astonishing level of awareness and mimicry. With a sense of grace and flair, Sonya raises her arms gracefully above her head, striking a pose that unmistakably resembles the trademark stance of the legendary bodybuilder, Sergio Oliva.

Sergio Oliva, known for his incredible physique and iconic poses, left an indelible mark on the world of bodybuilding. His unique and powerful “Myth” pose, characterized by arms held high above his head, became synonymous with his legendary status. Sonya, in a whimsical and adorable manner, seems to channel this celebrated pose during her massage.

The video not only captures the innate curiosity and adaptability of animals but also serves as a delightful fusion of worlds. On one hand, we have the realm of bodybuilding, characterized by strength, discipline, and iconic poses, embodied by Sergio Oliva. On the other, we have the world of nature, with Sonya the loris demonstrating an unexpected connection to this celebrated athletic tradition.

This enchanting video offers a brief but delightful glimpse into the fascinating and often surprising moments that can occur when the worlds of humans and animals intersect. Sonya’s impromptu homage to Sergio Oliva’s “Myth” pose adds a touch of whimsy and wonder to the world of bodybuilding and serves as a testament to the unexpected ways in which inspiration can be drawn from the most unexpected sources.

Sergio Oliva, Origin of “The Myth”

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