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  • At the time(1970), the NABBA Universe was the most prestigious bodybuilding contest, more so than the Mr. Olympia
  • This was Schwarzenegger’s 3rd straight NABBA Pro Mr. Universe title.
  • Reg Park hadn’t competed since 1965, which was when he won his last NABBA Pro Mr Universe title.
  • Reg Park was 41 years old.
  • Schwarzenegger was 23.
  • Allegedly, Park and Schwarzenegger had kind of a falling out after this contest and didn’t talk for a while.
  • Many thought the more defined Dave Draper should have placed 2nd.
  • Boyer Coe was the Pro short class winner.
  • Frank Zane won the Amateur NABBA Mr. Universe
  • Christine Zane(Harris) won the bikini NABBA Universe
  • The day after this contest, Arnold competed in the 1970 AAU Pro. Mr World contest in Columbus, Ohio against Sergio Oliva, who he beat.
  • Three weeks later, Schwarzenegger won his first Mr. Olympia title, the 1970 IFBB Mr. Olympia
  • In three weeks, Schwarzenegger won the top contests in three different bodybuilding federations.

The late 1960s saw a change in attitude towards the NABBA Professional Mr. Universe title. Reg Park and Bill Pearl allowed years to pass before competing again. Experts say Park could probably have captured the title all years between 1951 and 1960, and Pearl could possibly have accomplished the same between 1961 and 1971. However, both champions took an attitude of allowing others the honor of winning the NABBA Professional Mr. Universe crown during that era.

This changed when Arnold Schwarzenegger (no disrespect) came onto the scene, taking the first place slot in the NABBA Professional Mr. Universe in 1968, 1969 and 1970, after winning the amateur event in 1967. Next, Edward Kawak won the professional crown four times in succession from 1982 through 1985. Then, came Charles Clairmonte, capturing three consecutive professional wins in 1988, 1989 and 1990. Finally, Eddie Ellwood won the professional title an astonishing five consecutive times from 1996 through 2000.

Bill Pearl

I am sorry I had to be the one to burst the Reg Park bubble. This was only the second time that Reg was beaten in a physique contest. The first time by Steve Reeves. Reg is to be congratulated, however. He was not satisfied to rest on his laurels. He trained and competed. I am sure he was not disgraced. Let’s not forget he is now over forty and I am just twenty-three. It was Reg who first inspired me to take up bodybuilding. I read about his background in the Weider magazines during my youth in Germany and I made up my mind to be as great as he was. Later, of course, I decided to be even greater, and, thanks to Joe Weider, I accomplished my dream. But back to Reg Park. I hope he will not allow this defeat to end his days of competition. I am almost certain he will be back next year. I so wish he would decide to compete in the Mr. Olympia event. You have shown the stuff you are made of Reg; you are not a coward. More than I can say for some of the so-called greats in America.

Attributed to Arnold Schwarzenegger Muscle Builder: Vol 12, Number 10, Page 52. May 1971

Dave was in superb shape and it seemed to be a battle primarily between Arnold and Dave for first and second. Dave Draper was the big, blonde, all-American guy; Arnold was the unbeatable champion and Reg Park was a great bodybuilder who first won the Mr. Universe in 1951. Reg was in his 40’s and past his peak and I noted from the Prejudging that most attention seemed to be focused on Arnold versus Reg. Dave was hanging right in there too, but the audience cheered loudest for Reg.

Dave’s arms were absolutely outstanding with full round bicep peaks and nice balance in his triceps. Arnold’s arms in comparison were always great in their size and bicep shape but the complimentary triceps hang did not match the total shape of Dave’s arms. Chest was a close thing between Dave’s huge pecs with their deep, wide flair and Arnold’s thickness and shape. Dave clearly had the best back and lats in the whole competition and his lat spread had the rather conservative British fans whistling and screaming for more. A clear win for Dave in this compulsory pose. Abs and legs were both fine and in good proportion to the rest of the physique and certainly not a problem. Posing was a series of Dave’s trademark poses which were loved by the fans and his whole routine seemed to be over too quickly. Dave certainly left the fans begging for more.

Wayne from DaveDraper.com

Top Row: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper, Reg Park and Jacques Louvier.

Bottom Row: Nicolas Kemp, John Bubb, Boyer Coe, Fani DuToit, Marki Abdelsallem and Kassem Yazbek. 

Overall Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger
2 Reg Park
3 Dave Draper
4 John Bubb
5 Jacques Louvier

1 Boyer Coe
2 Kassem Yazbek
3 Fani Dutoit
4 Nicolas Kemp
5 Moktari Abdelsallem

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