2020 Mr. Olympia: Brandon Curry vs Phil Heath?


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Patrick Bet-David: You and Phil Heath. Do you see a lot of commonality with him as well? Cuz he’s also got the 3.7 GPA but he went to Colorado State. He was gonna be an accountant. That’s the direction he was going in. Seems like both you guys are, you know, he was an athlete. He went basketball. I think you went football. There’s some similarities as well in your personalities.

Brandon Curry: There’s some similarities but I only notice the differences. I’ve met Phil before Phil was the big Phil Heath. I remember flipping through magazines in 2006. And just getting into bodybuilding I’m seeing this Phil Heath guy and he’s got this great physique and, of course, he’s young and everybody’s talking about him. I’m looking at him. I’m thinking “Wow. Timing. This guy is coming out right before me. Goodness gracious. And not only that but I had a forum name or an emo name that I made maybe the year before. It’s called ‘Brandon’s Gifted’ and they start calling him “the gift”. And I was like ‘take this’? Goodness gracious and he took something that I nicknamed. You know? Man he took that, too. He had a spotlight on him so I’m thinking, “I guess gotta catch up to this guy. I get on the national level finally and and I’m seen and everybody takes notice.

One of the people to take notice of me was Phil’s coach, Hany Rambod. So, I worked with Hany. Of course, I guess he saw the talent. So, I’m thinking now I’m working with his coach. This is like, man, it’s like not even a year ago I’m looking at him in the magazines. There’s the physique and success. So, then I get to meet him. Phil has a persona, of course. There’s a lot of people who have opinions but I met a shy guy.

I understand the dynamics of people who meet him today but when I met Phil- I think I met Phil first in Hawaii. I was with my wife now. I was out there to help her for her contest. He was guest posing at the event. It was me, Bob Chicerillo, and Shawn Ray there. They introduced me to Phil Heath. We’re standing there and I’m like, hey, Phil Heath, it’s cool, but in the middle of conversation he disappears. It’s like where did he go? He’s kind of shy. Then, of course, when he performs his guests posing, and everything, he came and posed by me. He did his thing. He was performing then but I got an opportunity to see him on several occasions. He’s always seemed like he was a little bit shy to me. I don’t know why.

In my room at the Nationals, when I worked with Hany, he came in my room. He’s prepared for his pro debut, the biggest he’d ever been. He stepped on my scale in the room and he’s 270. Hany’s like, “take your shirt off, Phil. Show him what you got”. He’s like, “No, no I can’t take my shirt”. I’m getting ready for contest but I’m not into nothing like that. So, I always perceive him as this shy guy.

We always had camaraderie and were friendly. I respect him a lot. I understand what it must be like to be the first social media Mr. Olympia champion. That’s a lot of learning. You have to do trial and error because nobody had ever done it and of course he made some mistakes and people criticize him for it. But, I can’t say that I would have done it any better. I’ve learned from him what not to do in a sense.

I respect the guy a lot but I’ve always felt like I’ve been chasing him and even to this day I’m the champ but I go on record that I still want to compete head-to-head against him. I was trying to get him to just tell me if he was gonna be in the Olympia at the Arnold. That would have just put me on fire for the Olympia but it didn’t really happen. So, he recently showed his abdominals and I had gone on record saying that if Phil shows his abdominals I’ll take him seriously about potentially competing. So, now I’m processing this, showing his abdominals, and thinking maybe he heard me and I’m like, “okay”. So, now I’m preparing myself to compete against Phil regardless if he shows up on stage or not. But for me it’s a good thing that he showed us his midsection because now I’m in the mindset that he’s competing. He’s planning to compete and preferably against me in 2020 so, yeah, that’s a that’s a good thing for me.

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