Top Vegan Restaurant Receiving Death Threats for Slaughtering Animals…

Vegan Death Threats
Vegan Death Threats

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The discovery of CafĂ© Gratitude’s owners raising and “harvesting” animals at their Northern California farm stirred a significant controversy within Los Angeles’ vegan community, leading to outrage, protests, and even death threats. This revelation sent shockwaves through the heart of the vegan movement, as CafĂ© Gratitude had been seen as a prominent and respected establishment in the vegan restaurant scene.

Café Gratitude, a well-known Los Angeles-based vegan restaurant, has always prided itself on serving 100% organic, plant-based cuisine, making it a go-to spot for vegans and health-conscious individuals. The restaurant was known for its commitment to preserving the environment and supporting responsible sourcing of ingredients from vendors and farmers who shared their values.

However, when it came to light that the owners of CafĂ© Gratitude, Matthew and Terces Engelhart, were raising and potentially “harvesting” animals at their Northern California farm, the vegan community felt betrayed. This revelation created a stark contrast between the restaurant’s image and the actions of its founders.

The backlash was intense, with some individuals taking their frustration to dangerous extremes. Death threats were made against the owners, causing the controversy to escalate into a highly charged and emotionally charged situation. Matthew Engelhart noted that “people have taken up the mob mentality,” highlighting the deep anger and disappointment among some vegans who had supported CafĂ© Gratitude.

In response to the uproar, Café Gratitude issued a statement on Facebook in an attempt to address the controversy and clarify its stance. The restaurant emphasized its commitment to serving 100% organic, plant-based cuisine prepared with responsibly sourced ingredients. Café Gratitude assured its supporters that it would continue to uphold these principles and maintain its dedication to environmental preservation.

Furthermore, the statement shed light on the personal choices of the restaurant’s founders, Matthew and Terces Engelhart. While they do not personally follow a vegan diet, they reside on their privately-owned Be Love Farm in Vacaville, California. At this farm, they practice regenerative agriculture and harvest organic produce for personal consumption, sharing it with friends, family, and neighbors in the area.

The statement also addressed the presence of cows and chickens on their farm, which the Engelharts consider an essential part of a sustainable and organic farming system. Importantly, they clarified that they are not raising or selling these animals for consumption or profit.

In an effort to maintain the integrity of its food supply chain, Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre source the majority of their produce from local farms in Southern California. Only during specific seasons do they rely on their Be Love Farm for certain organic products, such as peaches in the summer and butternut squash in the fall and winter.

The controversy surrounding CafĂ© Gratitude and its owners served as a cautionary tale about the importance of aligning one’s actions with their public image, especially in a community as passionate as the vegan movement. It also highlighted the role of social media and public opinion in shaping the reputation of businesses and individuals. Ultimately, this incident raised important questions about the ethics and values associated with the food we consume and the establishments we support.

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