Top Vegan Restaurant Receiving Death Threats for Slaughtering Animals…

Vegan Death Threats
Vegan Death Threats

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Los Angeles based vegan restaurant Café Gratitude’s owners were found to be raising and “harvesting” animals at their Northern California farm. Hollywood’s vegan community is pissed and death threats have been made. According to restaurant owner Matthew Engelhart, “People have taken up the mob mentality.”

Watch this video to hear all that vegans are upset about regarding Café Gratitude.

Watch this video for the “Top 10 Vegan Gains death threats & violent outbursts” video(not Café Gratitude directed threats).

Café Gratitude released a Facebook response regarding the controversy.

In light of recent comments we want to assure all of our supporters that Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre have always served and will continue to serve 100% organic, plant-based cuisine prepared with ingredients sourced responsibly from vendors and farmers who share our commitment to preserving the integrity of the environment.
Founders Matthew and Terces Engelhart do not personally follow a vegan diet. They reside on their privately-owned Be Love Farm in Vacaville, California where they practice regenerative agriculture, and harvest organic produce for personal consumption for friends, family and neighbors in the area. While there are cows and chickens on their farm (an essential part of a sustainable & organic farming system), they are not selling their animals for consumption or profit.
Given the growth of the restaurants in Southern California, the majority of produce served at Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre is supplied by local farms with the exception of organic peaches in the summer, and organic butternut squash in the fall and winter months, which are both sourced from Be Love Farms.
To learn more about regenerative agriculture practices visit and

Read more here.

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