Video: What if Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane were the Same Height

The Impact of Height on Bodybuilding Aesthetics: Arnold vs. Zane

Have you ever wondered how bodybuilders would look if their heights were adjusted? In this video, we delve into the fascinating world of bodybuilding aesthetics by imagining Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger at the same height.

Front Relaxed Pose Dynamics

At first glance, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s physique boasts larger biceps, chest, and traps compared to Frank Zane. But does this automatically make him the winner in the front relaxed pose?

The Trapezius Factor

Consider the trapezius muscles. While Arnold’s rounded traps may give an impression of bulk, they might not necessarily enhance his aesthetics or contribute to the illusion of shoulder width. Frank Zane’s approach to training was more aligned with Steve Reeves than Arnold. Reeves seldom worked on his trapezius, only weeks prior to competitions, as he believed they detracted from the appearance of shoulder width.

Chest and Shoulder Dynamics

Zane’s chest appears broader than Arnold’s, partly due to the higher position of his pecs. Furthermore, Zane’s shoulders give an impression of greater width, contrasting with Arnold’s sloped shoulders. Another noticeable difference is the torso length; Zane’s torso seems longer, while Arnold’s lower pecs create the illusion of a shorter waist.

Arm Aesthetics

Arnold’s focus was predominantly on achieving an upper arm-dominant look. In contrast, Zane paid equal attention to his forearms, contributing to a more balanced arm aesthetic.

Leg Comparisons

In this front shot, Zane matches up to Arnold in leg size. However, their actual heights significantly influence these proportions.

Equalizing Heights: A Critical Look

When we equalize their heights, Arnold’s overwhelming size becomes less of a factor. At this point, one starts to scrutinize Arnold’s physique more critically, appreciating Zane’s more aesthetic appearance.

In conclusion, height plays a pivotal role in bodybuilding aesthetics. Adjusting for height allows us to appreciate the nuances in each bodybuilder’s physique, leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art of bodybuilding.

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