Vince’s Gym: Vince Gironda, John DeCola and Dave Dupre

Vince Gironda

In the nostalgic snapshot frozen in time, John DeCola, Vince Gironda, and Dave Dupre compose a trio of bodybuilding luminaries, standing as sentinels in front of Vince’s Gym. However, a deliberate turn of their gaze shields the gym from the frame, allowing the focus to drift across Ventura Boulevard. Here, a furniture store stands as a silent harbinger, a prelude to the metamorphosis that Vince’s Gym would undergo, eventually evolving into the now-closed Stout Burgers and Beer.

John DeCola, the embodiment of muscular excellence, earned his stripes as the 1969 IFBB Mr. America, a title that attested to his sculpted physique and dedication to the iron game. In this moment captured in the photograph, he engages in a handshake with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dave Dupre, a titan in his own right, secured the ’75 IFBB Mr. America Tall Class title, showcasing a physique that harmonized with the aesthetic principles championed by Gironda. The resonance between Dupre’s structured physique and that of Steve Davis, who claimed the second spot in the tall class, underscores the adherence to a shared vision of bodybuilding excellence.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn as the spotlight shifts to a revelation that transcends the confines of the bodybuilding world. The mention of Steve Reeves, a paragon of timeless elegance and sculpted grace, draws a parallel with a surprising figure—actor Robert Mitchum. A revelation unfolds as an early image of Mitchum unveils an athletic frame(bone structure) that rivals, if not surpasses, the contemporary participants in the Mr. Olympia competition.

In this tableau of bodybuilding history, the interplay of personalities, architectural evolution, and unexpected comparisons creates a tapestry that transcends the boundaries of the gym walls. The photograph becomes a window into an era where muscle met artistry, where Vince’s Gym stood at the nexus of physical transformation and camaraderie, and where unexpected revelations challenged the conventional perceptions of physique and aesthetics.

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