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Arnold Schwarzenegger emerged as the triumphant contender in the 1970 Professional Mr. World Competition held in Columbus, Ohio. Following him were Sergio Oliva in second place and Dave Draper in third. The glaring stage lights that year, necessary for the ABC Sports recording of the contest, cast a harsh illumination upon the competitors. However, this illumination was a small price to pay for the coveted television exposure they received. It’s worth noting that the realm of bodybuilding in 1970 was relatively obscure, forming more of a subculture compared to the mainstream phenomenon it is today. Yet, even within that smaller gene pool, two remarkable figures rose to prominenceā€”Sergio Oliva and Arnold Schwarzenegger. While it’s true that there are bodybuilders today who surpass them in sheer weight, few possess the inherent structural integrity and potential exhibited by Oliva and Schwarzenegger.

Additionally, the past offers a unique figure in the form of Steve Reeves. Despite the minimal weightlifting community in the 1940s, Reeves stood out due to his exceptional bone and muscle structure. This prompts us to ponder whether the decline in the fundamental structural qualities of modern bodybuilders might be linked to the extensive use of performance-enhancing drugs. Perhaps many individuals blessed with superior genetics opt not to pursue professional bodybuilding due to the demanding and extensive drug regimens now associated with the sport.

Below is video of Arnold Schwarzenegger competing in the 1970 Pro Mr. World.

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