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Arnold Schwarzenegger was the winner of the 1970 Professional Mr. World Competition in Columbus Ohio. Second and third place were Sergio Oliva and Dave Draper. The stage lights were harsh that year due to ABC Sports recording of the contest. Competitors didn’t mind because they were getting television exposure.

The gene pool for bodybuilders was incredibly low in 1970. Bodybuilding was much more of a subculture than it is today. Yet, two bodybuilders emerged that would still be dominant today. Sergio Oliva and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, there are bodybuilders that technically weigh more than these two but few have the structure and potential of Oliva or Schwarzenegger. Another bodybuilder from the past that stood out genetically was Steve Reeves. There were even fewer people lifting weights in the 1940s yet Reeves would stand out today just on bone and muscle structure alone. Maybe the reason the basic structures of bodybuilders has gone down hill despite the number of people competing is that few of those with the best genetics would likely subject themselves to the type of and amount of drugs today’s bodybuilders have to take in order to compete in the pro ranks.

1970 mr world arnold schwarzenegger

Below is video of Arnold Schwarzenegger competing in the 1970 Pro Mr. World.

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