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Alright, I don’t know if that’s the name of the pose or not but it sounds complex enough to be official. This has been discussed in another article on Built Report before, but notice how Arnold’s lower lats flow into the oblique area. TheĀ lats alongĀ with the obliques create a clear separation between lower and upper body as well as hide any little deposits of fat one may still have in that hard-to-reduce-fat area. This is a clear example of two muscles appearing to blend into each other. Another example is the clavicular portion of the pectoralis major and the front deltoids. Have a look at the photo below of Paul Dillet. With his arms down at his sides, the pec and delt muscles seamlessly blend in to eachĀ other. This is an example of what they mean when someone says they have good “tie-ins”. That means how aĀ adjacent muscle group blends in with another. You don’t have to be huge to have good tie-ins. There are relatively thin boxers, gymnasts, and other athletes that have good tie-ins. Many timesĀ people that lift weights don’t have good tie-ins because they’re not building their body as one unit like athletes do by using their whole body at the same time instead of concentrating on certain muscle groups at the expense of others. Also, on Dillett, notice how the brachioradialis bridges the upper arm andĀ the forearm.Ā You can even seeĀ on his left arm that the brachioradialis flows right into the biceps,Ā creating like an “S” shape.

arnold schwarzenegger front lat spread
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Below: Paul Dillett

paul dillett
Paul Dillett

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