Arnold Schwarzenegger is Angry, Furious, and Pissed Off………at DEATH!


Schwarzenegger: I’m not afraid of death. I’m just pissed off about it. Especially when you have a life like we(interviewer Howard Stern and Arnold) have and then one day it’s over. I mean that really pisses me off.

Stern: Where are we going to go when we die?

Schwarzenegger: Six feet under. And we’re going to rot there. That’s it. Hopefully there is a life after this and we all know it’s going to be different. I hope there is. It’s not going to be like this(life).

Schwarzenegger goes on to say that he’s “angry about it” and “so upset by it”. “I’m furious about it”, he continues.

The video clip clip ends with Schwarzenegger telling Howard Stern that he and Stern “are the only ones that want to live forever”.

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