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There is something to be said about good bone and muscle structure because, if you have it, you don’t have to lift weights to look good. You look good at 160 or 220. You don’t have to put on 60 pounds before people notice you. It seems like a lot of bodybuilding is about piling as much muscle onto whatever crappy structure you were born with. Ronnie Coleman’s base structure doesn’t remotely compare to Reeves. Coleman was a low place Mr. Olympia competitor for years until he did what it took to pile on a ton of muscle but his underlying structure was that of a low place competitor. Let’s face it, Superman actors Henry Cavill or Christopher Reeves have/had better structures than Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler or Phil Heath. Unless you address your underlying structure, no amount of muscle is going to make up for it. It’s like a woman piling on makeup. Bodybuilding has become makeup for guys. Yes, if you’re into what bodybuilding has become then a poorly structured 5’6″ steroided mess is built better than a 6’4″ athletic looking movie star. Whatever make you feel good about yourself. But, if you pay attention to your proportions, symmetry, and structure you won’t have to wear so much “make up”. Look at the photos below of Steve Reeves. Reeves at 15 had better shape and proportions than eight time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman plus he wasn’t compensating by taking male hormones, didn’t inject foreign filler substances into his calves, and didn’t cripple himself by age 50.

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Steve Reeves, Morgan the Pirate, 1960

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