DALL路E mini AI Line Drawings of Bodybuilders Experiments


Further experiments with AI illustrations using DALL路E mini. The app gives you a block of 9 images based on your text input. The line drawing in the banner illustration above is supposed to be the Terminator drinking a beer. The beer mug appears to be attached to the Terminator’s face. Keep scrolling for more context.

Try it out for yourself: https://huggingface.co/spaces/dalle-mini/dalle-mini

Out of a block of 9, this was the only “line drawing of Mike Mentzer” that remotely resembled Mike Mentzer. The reason that we prompted the AI to draw faces, as opposed to bodies, is that most of the body drawings produced were crudely drawn and bore little or no resemblance to the specific bodybuilder the AI was prompted to draw.

None of the “line drawings of bodybuilder Jay Cutler” looked like Jay Cutler. The word “bodybuilder” was added to differentiate between football player Jay Cutler. The face looks more like a young Elvis Presley.

This Jay Cutler line drawing looks like Picasso had something to do with it.

This is the only Sergio Oliva line drawing bearing any resemblance whatsoever.

This is a “reasonable” Lou Ferrigno drinking a beer.

Another reasonable Lou Ferrigno drinking a beer.

This looks more like Franco Columbu drinking a beer.

These were mostly decent line drawings of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Not bad line drawings of Lou Ferrigno although a couple look like Ed Corney.

Not great likenesses of Ronnie Coleman but some of the best artwork.

None look like Lee Haney and some look more like Ronnie Coleman.

Who does the 2nd row, 3rd column look like?

Decent art, the middle one looks like a Patrick Nagel illustration.

Not bad.

Pretty cool.

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