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They’re doing it again. Deadpool’s Colossus is only the latest. Movie studios are replacing human actors with computer generated characters. This hits bodybuilders particularly hard because they’re the first to go. In the past, you could have a bodybuilder like Lou Ferrigno play the Hulk but Lou was replaced by a cg character years ago. The bigger the muscular movie character, the more likely it will be replaced digitally. The character of Thor is safe because because, although a muscular character, Thor doesn’t have to look like Mr. Universe. At least not yet, anyway. If the movie were more true to the comic he’d be replaced. Comic Book Thor dwarfs Lou Ferrigno at his biggest, easily.

Canadian actor and stuntman Daniel Cudmore played Russian mutant character Piotr Rasputin/Colossus in the X-Men film franchise. However, the maker’s of Deadpool decided to create the character on a computer because this version of Colossus is seven and a half feet tall. In Deadpool, 37 year old Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic voiced Colossus and even performed a little of the motion capture but what you see of the character on screen is totally cg.

At least for the time being, motion capture is still necessary. So, they hired a real actor, who is even taller than 6’4″ Kapacic, to move like Colossus. To capture Colossus’ look, height was the main physical requirement, so it didn’t matter much how well built the actor was, they could fix that on the computer.

The late 1950’s to mid 60’s had bodybuilder Steve Reeves, the late 1970’s until recently had Schwarzenegger, and Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is today’s archetype muscular actor. Will the next Herculean action star be virtual? There’s no current danger of actors, in general, being replaced digitally but it will start happening more frequently. Deceased actors like John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe will make computer generated comebacks voiced by current actors or possibly synthetic voices as technology improves. Its not just Hollywood. By 2050, those in the know say that half of all jobs will be done by robots. Not necessarily human-looking robots but self driving cars, for example, will replace truck drivers, taxi drivers, and other driving occupations. People will yearn for the day when India was taking our jobs instead of the robots that work all night and day, seven days a week, for no pay, making many humans obsolete.

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