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Bodyfat Percentages
Bodyfat Percentages

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Body Fat Testing at Untamed Strength

Can you guess the body fat percentage of the Untamed Strength members??

Fat cells in the human body, regardless of their source, are predominantly composed of triglycerides, constituting almost the entire makeup. These triglycerides have an average density of roughly 0.9 kilograms per liter. In modern body composition laboratories, a standard density of 1.1 kilograms per liter is commonly applied when estimating the density of “fat-free mass,” a theoretical tissue that is presumed to be comprised of 72% water (with a density of 0.993), 21% protein (with a density of 1.340), and 7% mineral (with a density of 3.000), calculated by weight.

To accurately determine body density, a precisely engineered weighing system is employed. The process involves fully submerging an individual in water and subsequently calculating the volume of water displaced by their weight. Factors such as the buoyancy of air in the lungs and other gases in body cavities are accounted for during this procedure.

If the measurement of body density were entirely free of error, the margin of uncertainty in estimating body fat would be approximately ± 3.8% of the individual’s total body weight. This margin primarily arises from the natural variability in the composition of body constituents. In essence, this method allows for a relatively precise assessment of an individual’s body fat percentage, taking into consideration the inherent variations in body composition.

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