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Dr Aubrey de Grey
Dr Aubrey de Grey

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Dr. Aubrey de Grey does not look like a bodybuilder but, if you can get beyond that, he has information that may make you think differently about your own future. When scientists these day say that the person who will live to 1000 years old has already been born, they are not saying that you’ll be able to be a cadaver with a heartbeat for an additional 900 years. They’re saying there will be ways to rejuvenate the body so that you’ll be basically a younger looking/acting/being adult at age 300, 400, and so on. They are not saying that the technology is just around the corner that will allow the person who is already born to live to 1000. They are saying that right now anti-aging technology is developing at a quick rate and advances will continually develop that will keep extending life. In other words, technology is advancing exponentially and within 20 years there may be technology to add five years to your life. In the following five years an addition five years may be added and so on. Provided there are no unforeseen massive disasters, many people already alive will live to at least 2100. In 2100 there should be enough advancement to allow people to live an additional 50 years and so on. Scientists who are over 50 like Dr. Aubrey de Grey and Ray Kurzweil are hoping to live long enough to take advantage of these future technologies. People in their 20s will definitely be able to take advantage of these future technologies(barring unforeseen cataclysms).

So what does this have to do with bodybuilding? There will be technologies way beyond steroids that scientists are already working on like real myostatin inhibiters and also ways to improve your appearance that people can’t even imagine today. The problem is that if everyone can be a Mr. Olympia it won’t be so special. For example, even today practically anyone can take steroids, GH, etc and look like a muscleman. In the 1940s this wasn’t the case. Someone that stood out as muscular in the 1940s and 50s wouldn’t stand out so much today size-wise. However, Steve Reeves, who also had quality, would stand out today. He could be in action movies today. So, quality may still separate you from the pack in the future as well.
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