The New Joe Weider?

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Man’s World Issue 1

Check it out for free: Globo Uomo is Italian for Man’s World. Globo means “world”, not to be confused with “Globalism”. Uomo means “Man” in Italian. The publishers are no strangers to bodybuilding given […]

The New Joe Weider?
The New Joe Weider?

Jurassic Gorilla

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We don’t know how this guy got the nickname Joe Weider, or if he was even nicknamed after the “real” Joe Weider, but this guy certainly may be a man of the world. Muchai Jose (Joe Weider) may have been originally from Kenya, Africa but, at one point, may have lived in St Petersburg, Russia, which is very close to Finland, and then may have moved thousands of miles east to central Russia OR Muchai Jose (Joe Weider) may have lived in Kenya his whole life. He seems to be attending United States International University which seems to be in Nairobi, Kenya. Regardless of the truth, he has our attention.

You may find Muchai Jose (Joe Weider) here:

The New Joe Weider?
The New Joe Weider?
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