Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Weider, and Pulp Fiction

arnold schwarzenegger and joe weider

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Long before Joe Weider brought Arnold Schwarzenegger to the United States and made fitness history he had a goal of publishing a bodybuilding magazine.  Below you will find a cover image of the first issue of his first magazine, called Your Physique. Years after success with his initial publication(at age 17) Weider diversified and eventually was publishing 16 different magazines.

fury magazine
Joe Weider’s Fury Magazine

One of the genre magazines that Weider had a hand in were adventure oriented men’s magazines which were apparently extremely popular in the 1940s through¬†the 1970s judging by the number of titles. These journals¬†had titles such as True Adventures, Wildcat, Stag, and Argosi. ¬†Weider published¬†several of his own, including titles like True Weird, True Strange,¬†Fury,¬†Outdoor Adventures, Safari and Animal Life. The bodybuilding magazines like Muscle Builder and Mr. America were extensions of the adventure magazines in that they were targeted towards men and capitalized on male fantasy, in this case being built like a superhero who women can’t resist. The added benefit to publishing your own bodybuilding magazines¬†which are¬†targeted at people who buy¬†health and supplement products is that you have free advertising space to¬†sell your own health and supplement products .

your physique magazine
Joe Weider’s Your Physique Magazine
safari magazine
Joe Weider’s Safari Magazine
animal life magazine
Joe Weider’s Animal Life Magazine
outdoor adventure magazine
Outdoor Adventures Magazine


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