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1962 muscle builder

Unveiling the Golden Era: A Deep Dive into Joe Weider’s Muscle Power Magazine – March 1962 Edition

The golden era of bodybuilding was a transformative time that laid the foundation for modern fitness culture. In this article, we’ll explore the March 1962 edition of Joe Weider’s Muscle Power magazine, a gem that captures the essence of bodybuilding during its formative years. Accompanied by a revealing video review, this journey back in time offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of muscle and strength from nearly six decades ago.

A British Twist on American Muscle:

The March 1962 edition of Muscle Power is essentially the British counterpart to the January 1962 Muscle Builder. While the content remains largely the same, keen-eyed readers will notice subtle differences like ads featuring London addresses. Serge Nubret graces the cover, celebrated as Mr. Guadeloupe during that period.

Weider’s Editorial: A Blend of Fitness and Patriotism

Joe Weider’s editorial in this issue resonates with the patriotic fervor of the era, linking physical fitness to national pride and invoking the legacy of then-president John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Joe proudly mentions his brother Ben, who was based in Canada at the time, attributing 50% of schools in the country having a bodybuilding program to his efforts.

Spotlight on the Icons:

  • Clancy Ross – Mr. USA and Mr. America:
    Clancy Ross graces the magazine as the feature editor and is prominently featured in an ad for Weider’s Steel Cable Home Gym set.
  • Reg Lewis – The 1970 Mr. Olympia Third Place Finisher:
    Serving as the West Coast editor, Reg Lewis brings a weightlifting influence that’s more pronounced in this edition compared to later magazines.
  • Tony Bartoli – Mr. France:
    Tony Bartoli shares his secret to chiseled abs, crediting the “Weider Bi-Tri Sets,” a potent combination of two “Weider Tri-Sets.” This “blitz” routine promises to “bomb” your muscles out of a rut.
  • Strength Stunts with Doug Hepburn:
    Canadian strongman and weightlifter Doug Hepburn showcases incredible strength stunts, bridging the gap between weightlifting and bodybuilding.
  • Gord Venables – Adapting Weightlifting to Bodybuilding:
    Weightlifter and writer Gord Venables explores the synergy between weightlifting and bodybuilding, offering valuable insights for readers.

The Legends and Their Legacy:

  • Bert Goodrich – 1938 AAU Mr. America:
    Bert Goodrich’s presence adds a touch of nostalgia, reminding readers of the pioneers who shaped bodybuilding’s early days.
  • Leroy Colbert – The Man with 20-inch Arms:
    Leroy Colbert, touted as the first bodybuilder with 20-inch arms, shares a tantalizing dessert recipe named “Biceps Bounce.” Intriguingly, it calls for a one-third scoop of Weider Hi-protein, aligning with the magazine’s focus on Weider’s products.

The Weider Equipment Empire:

No Muscle Power magazine would be complete without a plethora of Weider equipment ads. Whether it’s dumbbells, benches, or home gym sets, there’s no shortage of options for readers eager to invest in their fitness journey.


The March 1962 edition of Joe Weider’s Muscle Power magazine serves as a captivating time capsule, showcasing the rich history and evolution of bodybuilding. From iconic figures and innovative routines to the omnipresence of Weider’s products, this magazine encapsulates the essence of bodybuilding during a pivotal era. Join us as we delve deeper into this fascinating world, celebrating the legends and their enduring legacy that continues to inspire fitness enthusiasts today.

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