Rare Serge Nubret Photos: Part 2

Serge Nubret

Serge Nubret’s Best Bodybuilding Years

Serge Nubret believed the zenith of his career extended from 1975 to 1980, a period that commenced after the 1975 Olympia held in South Africa.

In 1976, he emerged victorious in the prestigious NABBA Pro Mr. Universe competition held in London. This contest held a special place in the hearts of bodybuilders, as it stood as the pinnacle of achievement in the realm of bodybuilding prior to the inception of the Mr. Olympia competition.

The year 1977 bore witness to Nubret’s triumphs, as he clinched victory in both the WBBG Olympus Championship and the WBBG Pro Mr. World, events held in New York. These accolades significantly bolstered his recognition and reputation within the United States, a feat not as prominently featured within the pages of bodybuilding magazines.

Curiously, Nubret continued to shine, securing the WBBG Pro World Championships in 1983, an exceptional addition to his illustrious career.

Nubret’s Appreciation For His Era

Nubret embarked on his competitive journey in the early 1960s, and he held deep appreciation for the timing of his entry into the world of bodybuilding. He noted a significant shift in the sport over the years. When he first embraced bodybuilding, there existed a prevailing emphasis on attributes such as symmetry, balance, proportion, and overall physique aestheticsā€”a focus that seemed to wane in the post-1980s era.

Dedication was a hallmark of Nubret’s approach to bodybuilding. He maintained a rigorous regimen, training every day of the year. With unwavering commitment, he continued this lifestyle throughout his life. Contemplating the newcomers in bodybuilding during the “size at all costs” era, he pondered whether they would remain as active and dedicated in the later stages of their lives as he was.

Nubret’s Daily Routine in His Later Life

On a typical day, Serge Nubret commenced his morning around 6:30 a.m. This was followed by several hours allocated to email correspondence, phone calls, and providing online personal training services.

At 9:30 a.m., he headed to the gym, dedicating a substantial 2-3 hours to his workout regimen. Occasionally, he did personal training or spent time conversing with others following his exercise routine, then returned home for a meal.

The day might also involve running errands, social visits with family and friends, and dedicated time for writing an upcoming book. Concurrently, Serge remained engaged in phone and online training sessions.

The evening typically encompassed dinner, during which he caught up on the latest news, including politics and sports. Subsequently, he engaged in writing, further phone communication, and ultimately retired for the night.

Additionally, Nubret occasionally embarked on journeys that involved book signings at gyms or libraries. He was actively involved in organizing the Serge Nubret Muscle Awards Contest and working towards the incorporation of additional languages into his website to facilitate entry for participants from various countries.

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