1. Just here in support of the controversial 1980 Olympia as well. I would hope all the athletes and fans are over this heartache, now 43 years later. I don’t follow the sport as much these days as the direction has changed, and the Golden Era is long over. I’m just a recreational athlete, that follows and participates in any number of sports including physique building and sculpting. This is in no way meant to disrespect any of the competitors or detracting fans that were not in agreement, and have their own preferences as to the winner and that’s ok. All the athletes up there are world class, and some are even included in the Greats of all time. But what is mentioned above is a solid and fair evaluation I believe. Let’s not forget that Arnold is between 6-0 and 6-2 inches tall. The only other competitor that height in the show is Dennis Tinnerino. Dennis does have the best abs too with four rows. Beautiful and Amazing. Everyone else is 5-10 or shorter, much shorter. This clearly gives Arnold a genetic edge. He has this much larger anatomical structure to work with, with longer muscles, and much larger, fuller and more robust muscle bellies. Along with tiny joints. It simply boils down to a huge genetic advantage for Arnold. I happen to be 6-2 maybe 6-3 and with that size, you do enjoy certain advantages. That’s just the truth and fact of the matter. If you take into account overall mass, separation, detail, posing, charisma, Arnold does win. And the fact that he’s handsome as well doesn’t hurt. I’m sure any competitor would have been upset, particularly when most of them supported themselves solely thru the sport, and offering training advice and supplementation. But to be a good winner, you must know how to accept defeat too, and do it as gracefully as winning without slinging the mud. Good sportsmanship does matter. Arnold was five years retired, and well into his movie career in the midst of filming Conan The Barbarian. And for him to have turned the page from bodybuilding, into another career of film making, and then having to prep for the movie, he was feeling in great shape and wanting to compete again. And due to his genetics, he still had enough development and refinement to win again, and this would be difficult for many to accept. Completely understandable. And he’s done so much more beyond the dominant stage performances over his competitive career. Governor of California, and a huge movie actor with so many great movies that the vast majority enjoy watching many times over. He’s a gigantic Global Icon that everyone knows, and most of these bodybuilding people, only a handful are well known within the sport and beyond. Congrats to Arnold. And thanks for the great contest photo documentation clearly verifying your Greatest of all time physique, and all the great movies! And Service to the people of your State and all over the Globe. Thank You King. Thank You

  2. I’ve studied the 80 olymPia pics very closely over the years. While Arnold may have only been 90-95% of his 1970-1975 condition he still wins this show. His arms and chest are totally unmatched. He only has two rows of abs, but it’s enough with a huge rib cage. Mentzer and Tinnerino & a few others have the best abs. Arnold is smaller in the legs than before, but all 4 pieces of the quad are fully developed and separated. His hamstrings not quite up to par. He’s wider than everyone in the shoulders, and his lats start at the waist with a beautiful Xmas tree. His calves are equal to or better than all competitors. He still wins. I think he pissed on everyone’s cornflakes by showing up, and still had enough to win. Just plain sour grapes with the complaining competitors !

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