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Calum Von Moger and Sergio Oliva Junior are playing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva Senior in an upcoming movie entitled Bigger. A brief analysis of Junior vs Senior and then Arnold vs Von Moger.

Gary Gray’s website as Gray was discussed in the video:


In the comparison between Calum Von Mofer and Sergio Oliva Jr and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva sr, starting with a comparison between the Olivas, the main thing seems to be the three-dimensionality, which seems to be more pronounced in Sergio Sr vs Jr. You can see that in the triceps. That could be related to the lighting or the posing oil but if you look at the highlight on Sergio Oliva Sr’s triceps and also on the mid-portion of the chest, it just bows out more in the side view, and his cheeknone structure, waist size, and a few other things that make Sergio Oliva Sr. stand out a little bit more.

Regarding Schwarzenegger vs Von Moger, one of the things that stands out most is skin tone, Schwarzenegger had one of the best skin tones in bodybuilding. If you include vein structure, it’s more sloppy on Von Moger, less sloppy on Schwarzenegger more refined striations on the chest. It makes a big difference how your skin is wrapped around your musculature.

Another thing you can see in the back and forth of the morph is that Von Moger is kind of doing an impression of Schwarzenegger where he’s pushing his lip out more. If you look half way through the transition it kind of looks more Schwarzenegger than Schwarzenegger, the caricature of the morphing between the two. Overwhelmingly, what separates Schwarzenegger from Sergio Oliva and everybody else, practically, on the planet is Schwarzenegger’s biceps peak. If he didn’t have that he would be lost in comparison to where he is in history. Not that the skin tone, the chest development, calves, full bellied quadriceps, etc, plus he had a structured face which goes a long way in movies and even in bodybuilding , whether everyone will admit it or not.

Schwarzenegger doesn’t necessarily stand out more than Von Moger, or vice versa, in triceps , forearm, or shoulders, as far as size, but biceps definately. Maybe physical therapists will be able to find a way to stretch your ligaments to allow people to get more out of a biceps got. Maybe there’s some leverage impeding development for particular individuals and targeted ligament stretching supplement exercises can change biceps leverage over time. Regardless, whatever it would take for Von Moger to have Schwarzenegger-like biceps, that bowing out, warping or the bicep peak, would make a big difference but he doesn’t have it, even though he comes 40 years later, and you’d expect a bodybuilder that looks like Schwarzenegger to have comprable development in that key bodypart. I think getting that might be feasible in the near future but it’s beyond doing the same old training but, of course, you could find what precise exercise movements effect your biceps more through training but I think functional physical therapy like developed by Gary Gray. If the PT field would also concentrate on that type of thing where you would effect leverage physiologically so that you would be affected by training differently. Leverage certainly was a factor in Schwarzenegger’s development. He was doing biceps exercises and getting hell of a lot more out of the movements than Oliva, Von Moger,…and practically everyone else on the planet.

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