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Dave Palumbo’s musings on the world of bodybuilding never fail to entertain, especially when he discusses the notion of “regular” bodybuilding as the benchmark and the so-called “Classic Physique” as some newfangled offshoot. It’s almost like suggesting that an old jalopy is the standard, and a sleek, modern sports car is just a new, fancy variant.

In the realm of bodybuilding competitions, the technicalities sometimes make you scratch your head. You realize that, in this surreal universe, the lanky Pee Wee Herman could potentially triumph over the timeless Adonis, Steve Reeves, but only if Reeves had never lifted a dumbbell while Pee Wee spent years pumping iron and indulging in a cocktail of insulin, growth hormone, steroids, and whatever else they concoct in the secret labs of the muscular underworld. It’s a joke, crappy genetics and a crappy look could beat a genetic marvel, if he piled enough tissue, solely based on a physique standard that a subculture agrees to..

Sure, Wesley Vissers puts in the work and dedication, but let’s not forget there’s a dash of genetic fairy dust sprinkled into the mix. With the advent of ridiculous leaps in technology, genetic engineering etc…, at some point we will be looking at building bone structures that can support extra mass and quality mass instead of the low end of the gene pool hormonalizing themselves only to end up with a scaled-up inferior product.

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