Wesley Vissers Interview

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It’s funny to hear Dave Palumbo speak of regular bodybuilding, with the warped bone structures and swollen drug tissue, being the standard and the “Classic Physique” being a new off-branch.

In the bodybuilding contest world, technically, Pee Wee Herman could have beaten Steve Reeves if Reeves never lifted and Pee Wee lifted for years and took insulin, GH, steroids, etc…. It’s a joke, crappy genetics and a crappy look could beat a genetic marvel, if he piled enough tissue, solely based on a physique standard that a subculture agrees to.

Wesley Vissers works hard, etc.. but there is a large genetic component to his appearance. With the advent of ridiculous leaps in technology, genetic engineering etc…, at some point we will be looking at building bone structures that can support extra mass and quality mass to begin with.

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